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Environmental ESG Participações S.A

We are an environmental solutions company, offering a complete platform for the recovery of industrial and post-consumer waste, recycling, co-processing, reverse manufacturing and other services related to waste management, all focused on the circular economy and on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). We are generators of genuine carbon credits in our own operations due to the nature of our activities, in a systemic and recurrent way, whether in the recovery of waste, in recycling and post-consumption processes, and also in the maintenance and preservation of native forests.

We are part of the AMBIPAR Group, founded in 1995 by Tercio Borlenghi Junior, current Chairman of the Board of Directors of AMBIPAR and our controlling shareholder.

Our purpose is to value our customers’ waste, through dedication to waste management processes and their transformation to return to the production chain and thus mitigate climate change. We have a research and development center with state-of-the-art technology focused on this purpose, in which we have already achieved positive results in bringing sustainability solutions to several sectors: pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, beverages and food and post-consumer packaging. We have a prominent presence in Brazil and recently started our international expansion with the entry into the markets of Chile, Peru and Paraguay.

We offer customized solutions to the needs of each of our customers, aiming at the implementation of disruptive technologies and processes that allow treating and valuing waste at its origin, returning it, whenever possible, as raw material for the production chains, seeking a production and consumption model that involves sharing, reusing, repairing and recycling existing materials and products, extending their life cycle (“Circular Economy”). By reincorporating waste into production processes, our customers tend to improve their sustainability indices and save financial and natural resources that are important for the planet’s climate change.

Engaged in the fight against global warming, we focus on processes that minimize emissions of greenhouse gases (“GHG”) from the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide (“CO2”), by industry and commerce, seeking to benefit the world’s population, in addition to create and implement solutions that enable the recovery of waste. Furthermore, we invest in conservation, reforestation and restoration projects, as well as sustainable agricultural management, which generate carbon credits, which also enables us to monetize our business by selling these credits.

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